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Getting and staying organized isn’t easy for everyone. Some people get too overwhelmed, some just don’t care, but some truly have challenges that prevent them from understanding the concepts. For educational purposes, here are a few links that may be helpful.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:
Attention Deficit Disorder:
Alzheimer's Association:
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Ah, the good old IRS. Just how long should we hang on to all that paper? They suggest keeping tax records for at least three years after the filing date. That’s the time period the IRS typically has to examine filed paperwork or perform an audit on taxpayers, and also the time allowed for you to file an amended return should you discover errors on past returns. If you own a business, it’s advisable to keep supporting documents for tax returns for six years. Keep the actual tax returns indefinitely because you’ll need them if you apply for new loans or disability insurance. This is just a guideline, though. For a more complete explanation, please go to:                           

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For donation pick ups.
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Convert your old media to modern technology:

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